Ultra Sound & Radio Frequency Treatment

Slim Down & Melt Away Fat With Confidence
From The First Visit with Ultra Sound & Radio Frequency Treatment At Skin & Laser Clinics, an innovative non-surgical procedure system Called Ultra Sound Cavitation & Radio Frequency Treatment serves to slim and melt local fat fast. It is the most recent medical ultrasound technology-efficient, instant and safe. This Technology works with low frequency ultrasounds that act on the subcutaneous adipose tissue where the fat cells are located. Lose easily up to 5 cm from your waistline from the first visit. At Skin & Laser Clinic offers immediate and measurable results: from the first visit and every treatment you can lose up to 5 cm from your waistline.
It is totally pain-free and the patient feels comfortable during and after the treatment. An added benefit is that the patient can carry on with her daily duties as usual.